Is this appetizing to anyone?

This ad has been running frequently as of late and makes me feel ill every time I see it.  MMMmmm. . .over a pound of food including melted cheese.  Sounds delicious.

It’s up there with the thing KFC had a few years ago which included mashed potatoes, chicken and some other shit all combined into a bowl:

(I love how this one is a camcorder view from somebody elses television).


3 thoughts on “Is this appetizing to anyone?

  1. ugh, how wretched.
    The sad thing is, I think I once tried one of those KFC bowl things in a drunken state. It was bad.

  2. I totally remember talking about the KFC bowl one day in chicago. It is so disgusting! And the Pzone is right there. And you know people order that crap. Oh — and I currently have a video camera recording my TV, you never know!

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