Computer troubles

Twice in one week I’ve been screwed by a computer.

First was at home when my pc pretty much stopped working.  I had a sense it was coming though and managed to copy the photographs onto alternative media.

Tonight was a different story though.  At about 10:15 we fought through our last ticket at work to clear the board.  Unless you’ve worked in a restaurant on a Friday or Saturday that’s probably meaningless to you, but trust me, it’s huge.

So we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.  The chef & sous chef had a smoke break, I surveyed what was left of my station and started cutting some cabbage as that seemed the most important task at the time.  My fellow line cook spent some time cleaning. 

This went on for maybe 10 minutes or so, which did feel a little strange, but we were just excited to be past it, and the restaurant didn’t feel that busy.  It was entirely plausible that everyone was eating.

Except that’s not the way it was.  During that whole time – plus some time before, I have no idea when the last ticket actually printed – servers were putting in orders, but for some reason they weren’t printing out on our side.

I can honestly say that I think I have some small conception of what it felt like to be on a landing craft heading towards the French coast on June 6, 1944.

Ticket after ticket kept printing, some large, some small, until the board was entirely full once again.

I do have to admit though that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, since this was afterall towards the end of the rush.  If it were to have happened at say, 8:30, we would have been entirely fucked.

And now my say on servers not running food:  this all could have been avoided (or caught earlier) if our servers did their own food running, or, gasp, even made an attempt to run dishes to their tables.  But from my understanding, that’s not the way things are in the U.S.  We have a French guy who occasionally runs food and he thinks it’s bullshit and can’t believe the job actually exists.

Anyway, it’s over.  I’m looking forward to some rest now, and then to wake up and pound as many fluids as I can so my legs don’t cramp at dinner at Alinea tomorrow night (sitting for 4 or so hours could easily cause my fatigued and strained legs some discomfort).


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