Working saute for the weekend

In preparation of working the saute station for tonight and tomorrow (our sous chef who works saute actually managed to get the weekend off to attend his brother’s wedding), I worked the station exclusively last night with little to no help.

I’ve worked saute here and there, mainly just out of need because the station was getting slammed or at the end of a Friday or Saturday night when things are generally pretty slow, but have never worked it on my own at a busy time.

Last night didn’t seem too bad, we were busy enough but not too busy, so I had the chance to learn the new dishes and to just sort of figure things out. 

Tonight and tomorrow should be interesting since we have two different people coming in and working my regular station.  The guy working tomorrow night is our weekday prep cook who has worked the line occasionally on Sundays, but I don’t think he’s too familiar with the new menu and I know he’s never worked a busy Saturday.

I just keep telling myself that nobody’s going to die and that on Sunday the temperature is going to be 80 degrees (my first day off), plus Monday is Memorial Day which Erin has off, so we’ll be able to see each other for two consecutive days.


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