One ass kicking Friday

Holy shit, tonight was rough.

Yesterday was as busy as a Friday, tonight as busy as a Saturday.  What the fuck is going on?  I can only wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us though I can’t really believe it could get much worse – we only have so many seats anyway (and I later found out that they pretty much stopped seating anyone for a while).

To start the evening we had a party of 20 at 5:30 (the exact time the kitchen opens).  Yeah!!!!  I could tell things weren’t right from the start because the courses were going out to slow, I mean, really slow.  After my shift I found out that this party of 20 was pretty much the cause of all pain afterwards because they stayed 45 minutes over the time they had agreed to.  Awesome.  Good for them for fucking an entire restaurant in the ass.  I hope they had a great time.

To be honest though I haven’t had a slow day this week, every day has been way busier than anything previously.

On a lighter note, my fellow line cook earned the name of “Two Time” today because it takes him two times to get anything right.  Not really, but sometimes it can feel like that, especially after last night when he had a complete off night and made some pretty terrible decisions (like picking up a hot sheet tray, sliding our timer into water and hence ruining it).

Anyway, after tonight’s raping I have to be back at work in less than 12 hours.  I guess the only consolation is that I get to leave somewhat early tomorrow night because Erin won’t be home since she’ll be in Rockford for her marathon and Riley (our dog) can’t be home that long without taking a whiz.  At least my bosses were understanding of my dog’s bladder, because if not I probably would have quit (granted I threaten to quit at least once a night).

So that’s that.  Spring has sprung in Chicago and we’re busier than shit.


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