Chicago repeals foie gras ban

Not that it mattered, I think I ate more foie gras in the nearly two years since the ban went into place.

My guess is that the morons in City Hall decided to eat what they had banned and then realized the error in their ways.

If memory serves me right, only one fine was issued (by Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s) while many other restaurants flaunted their contraband product.

At my local butcher lobes of grade A foie gras have always been available, ban or no ban.

Maybe the so-called animal rights people should spend their time going after far more substantial, widespread, and far more devastating industries, like poultry, pork and cattle.  Hell, what about the fishing practices that are raping our oceans.

Whatever, I just see this as won very small win for sanity in an otherwise losing battle against irrationality.


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