New Menu

I may have just had the most fucked up 12 hours of my life.

I was asked to be at work at 1, which is 4 hours before my Thursday start time, but I understood since today was the introduction of the new menu.

As soon as I arrived I was informed that I was receiving a raise – yeah!!!!  And this after four consecutive days off.

Next was settling into work and making sure that we had every new dish to present at 3:00 – a task more difficult than many people could probably imagine, especially when coming straight off of a vacation.

After that it was straight to prep for service and then service for a new menu.  Fun fun.

After service, which really wouldn’t have been that bad except for a brand new menu, I sat around and had a number of drinks.  My chef told me that he’s only ever vouched for two other people, and that I would be a third if need be.  I much appreciated hearing that.

And then, upon leaving the restaurant, he was out front having a smoke with some couple, who asked me to open up my knife roll.  I obliged, reluctantly.  They then heaped all sorts of praise upon me, which I passed along to my chef – he is after all the person who came up with the menu.  They however said “We know how it works” and asked for a business card, to which I replied I’m merely a line cook, my chef has the business card.  While he went inside to retrieve his business card they took my name and number and asked if I would be interested in doing some sort of dinner party.  I quickly informed them of my days off.  He came back out, very eager to pass any recognition to me, which was pretty cool.

And then I get back home, fairly tipsy, and see that I’ve had an all-time high number of hits on my blog, plus a comment from Varmintbites, who writes a blog about the food scene in the Raleigh/Triangle area. 

This has been a pretty fucking great day.

 P.S.  I’m sorry for the exceptionally long post about the Raleigh trip, but I never got around to writing during the trip and it only felt right to get everything all out at once about that marvellously beautiful area as well as the place that will hopefully be my home in a few months. 

However, I’m glad that it appears so many people have taken the time out of their day to read it.  Everyting I wrote I wholeheartedly meant, with no disresrespect to Chicago or the people that live here. 


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