One more night

Last night was Looptopia which meant a strange service for us.  The normal rush to set up my line wasn’t greeted with the same clattering from the ticket printer, and in fact I was able to have my line fully set up (with back-ups)) before we had any orders.

We were kind of standing around wondering to ourselves “What the fuck?”.  What appeared to be a full patio, on further inspection proved to be all the front of the house staff sitting outside smoking cigarettes.

Eventually business did pick up and we had somewhat of a rush, though nothing substantial enough for the adrenaline to kick in, which made for a long night once business calmed down. 

To pass the time from 10:45 to midnight I ended up peeling and deveining four boxes of shrimp, just so I wouldn’t have to do it today.  And then there was just an hour left to kill.  The chef and sous chef ended up taking off around 12:20, leaving me and the other line cook to close up for the first time by ourselves (which also incidentally left me in charge).

Thankfully nothing much happened, just a minor rush from the drunks at the bar for some deep fried food as last call was made and a scallop dish.

Just one more shift tonight before we head off for a few days of relaxation and investigation.  It may be several days before I post, but then again I may find the time to show off some photographs of some good bbq.


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