The Great Towel War

The last couple of days have been pretty good ones at work. 

I’ve received a couple of compliments (one from a customer and one from a server), both expressing their satisfaction over what I made them.  One of them was from the saute station, which I generally work now once the rush is over with.

Compliments about what I do don’t necessarily make me feel better or lift me up, but it is nice to hear that someone enjoyed something I made them.  More importantly it’s good to get feedback because it’s easy to fuck up the seasoning of a dish, serve it not hot enough, or whatever. 

The only negative lately has been the Great Towel War, which any cook will (or should) know well. 

We have a linen service (as most restaurants do) which in turn means we have a limited supply of towels for the week.  New towels are delivered on Tuesdays, so running out on a Friday or Saturday is terrible.  Once we ran out on a Saturday night and I had to work the next two days with less than pristine towels.  Not an enjoyable experience.  And last night we opened up our last bag of clean towels.

Since I’ve started I’ve learned to be pretty frugal with my use of towels – two can get me through a busy Saturday (hell, last night I made it through with just one).  The problem is the new line cook.  He’s a good guy, a hard worker, but for some unknowable reason – even to him, apparently – all of his towels end up wet.  Wet towels are bad, horrible, and can only lead to serious steam burns.

At least twice last night I noticed that he had my towel in his hand and I snatched it right back, grinning while I did it.

Apparently the chef and the sous chef go through the same problem in the front of the kitchen.  The sous chef last night wrote his name on his towel which got him through the whole night.

In other news we go on vacation in a week for four days.  Really a fact finding mission to check out where we want to move to.  The only downside (if there really is one to having four consecutive days off) is that the menu is going to change while I’m away.  The menu change should be exciting though.  It will be fun to learn new dishes and to learn which ones I like and which ones I hate.


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