A night “off” of work

Usually on a Thursday we need at least three people on the line, and occasionally all four of us for a couple of hours.

Last night just two were needed for the bulk of the night, despite the restaurant being involved in some sort of pub crawl type thing sponsored by Grolsch, which never really seemed to bring us much business, (though it did provide me with a free 20 oz bottle of Grolsch after my shift).

So whereas on Wednesday night I could only start to prep things out but never complete them because we were just busy enough, last night I was able prep tons of shit out (some of which are really very time consuming).  Like peeling, deveining and skewering about 10 or so pounds of shrimp, cleaning beef tenderloin tips, cutting goat cheese logs, etc.  All of this sets us up pretty well for the weekend.

I did end up working saute (slightly) and fry for a little towards the end of the night.  It’s always weird to jump on the line after hours of not, but at least it was slow.

Heading into the weekend my biggest debate is whether or not to wake up for the Manchester United/Chelsea match tomorrow which airs at 6:30 (it could decide the title, or it might not).  Unfortunately I’ll have to travel to the bar to watch it.  I’m still on the fence, but leaning towards going and then coming home and sleeping before I have to go in tomorrow night.  Besides, Erin will run 20 miles tomorrow so I don’t think she’ll be up for much more than sleeping as well.


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