Cooking for fun

Once a week now I’m able just to cook for myself, or myself and Erin, or myself, Erin and a friend.

I’ve been eager to use the grill for the first time this year, but last week was too cold and damp for me to fully appreciate it, so I made a balsamic braised pot roast with blue cheese mashed potatoes and an asparagus & goat cheese salad with a balsamic-shallot vinaigrette.

Yesterday I was finally able to put the grill to good use and invited our friend Brian to dine with us.  We ended up grilling strip steaks and asparagus, along with some shoe string potatoes with black truffle salt (thanks to Erin for patiently blanching and deep frying these), and a mushroom/Bourdeaux/veal stock sauce (a take on a Bourdelaise sauce with the addition of mushrooms, is this called Chasseur?  I don’t know).  For dessert I made a vanilla bean and saffron flan.

For the food geeks out there I’m not sure the mushroom sauce was technically anything French, since it technically wasn’t derived from a classic Bourdelaise because I didn’t make demi-glace and the veal stock was white.  Yeah yeah, I ran out of my own veal stock and had to rely on what the butcher had.  The end result was something very delicious and complimentary to the grilled meat.

We ended up putting the balsamic-shallot vinaigrette on the grilled asparagus (at least Brian & I did) while Erin used a citrus vinaigrette that I’d made earlier in the day.

The wine we had was a Washington state Syrah called Boom Boom from 2006 (do click on the link as the label is worth looking at).  I often forget how well Syrah’s pair with red meat and am often reminded whenever Brian comes over for dinner, as I was last night.  The description of “smoky, racy, mouth filling” is pretty accurate and I strongly recommend it for the coming grilling season.


One thought on “Cooking for fun

  1. Hey…we just ate at “La Fonda” on broadway last week. A great Cuban place. Dinner runs from about $15 – 24 per person not including drinks. Highly recommend it if you haven’t been already.

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