Redemption in Churro Town

Lately at work I’ve been having some trouble with making churros.  The recipe is a basic pate a choux dough (2 cups milk, 4 oz butter, 4 tsp sugar – bring to a boil, add 2 cups of flour, cook for a little while, then place in Kitchenaid and add 8 whole eggs one at a time until they’re incorporated).

The problem that I’ve been encountering is that the dough has been way too slack, so that it’s impossible to pipe out.  Last week when I made churros it was very humid and we thought that may have been a contributing factor.

But yesterday I got a chance to save last week’s failure and succeeded.  I think I discovered that the main problem was not humidity but rather cooking time.  The past couple of times I’ve had to use the grill due to space constraints but yesterday I was able to use the stove top and what a difference it made.  The dough was stiff enough to pipe and held it’s shape beautifully.

The most annoying thing is that I’ve been making churros now for a couple of months (some time back I made 200 in one night for a catering event) and they’ve been working just fine.  So it feels good to have finally figured out what was going so wrong.


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