Last night was spent learning the saute station at work, which now means I know every dish that the restaurant has.  Not too bad considering I started three months ago and had no prior restaurant experience.  But by no means am I an expert yet, having spent just one night at it.  It’s too bad that we’re changing the menu in the next couple of weeks.

The saute station is usually one of the most coveted stations as that’s where most of the action is.  Where I work the saute station is also the saucier, which is how I began to get ready. 

No sauces, no food.  Period. 

We have four butter sauces (by far the most time consuming to prepare), a couple of tomato and a smattering of others that are essentially already made in advance, you just have to make sure they’re warm, the right consistency and seasoned properly.  I would say most of this time was spent making the butter sauces, which can be done four at a time, but for my purposes they wanted me to do one at a time to ensure that they didn’t break.

Last night was not a terribly busy evening (though it was steady), yet somehow I ended up making at least 12 of the scallop dishes, which by now I have down pretty well. 

When things weren’t too busy for my I stepped down and helped the new guy out.  He seems to have his shit together, which should make this weekend go pretty well.

Tonight and tomorrow I’ll mostly be working back at the garde manger/grill/dessert station, which is how it goes on the busy nights. 

And then I switch to my new days off, having only worked three nights in a row.


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