Last day of school

The last day of culinary school doesn’t have the same feeling to it as the last day of school when I was a child.  For starters the weather isn’t as good.  Second, it seems like the easy part is behind me and all the hard work is ahead.  Shit, I have to go to work tonight.

But there are reasons to be happy.  Such as not waking up at 4:15  after working the night before; putting up with assholes who refuse to clean up after themselves (you’d get fired at work), along with a wide array of other small things.

Seriously though, a year ago I had just made the decision to leave my easy, well paying and totally unrewarding and soul destructing job in favor of a career in the “culinary arts”.  Not quite a full year after beginning school I’ve got a job as a line cook and am “living the life” as it were.  My hands and forearms are cut, burnt and bruised.  My tolerance for pain has increased significantly.  And I’ve gone from having no experience to being able to hold my own at reasonably busy times.

Back to school for a moment though.  Probably one of the coolest things I got to do over the past year was fabricate whole pork bellies to be made into bacon this week.  Here’s my handiwork with a knife:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to taste my work as the bellies are now curing and will be available for the next class looking to graduate in 7 weeks time (next week would have been spring break at school).

So there you have it.  I met a couple of people I’ll keep in touch with, namely Joe.  I may try to convince him to move to North Carolina with us to open up a butcher shop.  Or maybe I won’t.  There are so many possibilities I’m weighing right now, which is so fucking amazing.  A year ago I was staring at a dead end and now for possibly the first time in my working life I have a future full of options and possibilites, successes and failures.


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