Wednesday’s degustation and eggs

Yesterday we did our five course banana themed degustation menu at school.  It went over pretty well, it’s just sad only one person ordered it.  The courses were:

  1. Scallop and sea bass ceviche served with plantain chips
  2. Seared sea scallop with a green papaya, banana and apple salsa with a saffron and vanilla cream sauce
  3. Mofongo – basically a mash of plantain served with a Spanish sausage and a cilantro type sauce (I didn’t make this one)
  4. Roasted pork shoulder served with a banana mash and a banana sauce, we served this inside a banana leaf
  5. Banana flan

Everything turned out pretty well and the chef liked everything.  Another guy is trying to get me to do the last degustation in two weeks.  He initially wanted beets to be the theme, changed it to goat cheese and now has just picked cheese.  None of these ingredients get me hot and bothered, so I may not do it.  Ultimately if I do it I’d like to do something Asian inspired.

This morning I was assigned to work the hot line which basically consists of cooking eggs in various forms.  We got a few orders for over easy which I let someone else take care of.  I’ll stick to omelets and other much easier items.  I really don’t know how many days of this I have, though I suspect it could be a several more considering how inept most of the people are.

Tomorrow is a buffet day which should be pretty easy as I’m not involved.  The only worry I have is being chosen to work the omelet station.  After working tonight I’ll be ready for a pretty chill service tomorrow.


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