One of those nights

Tonight at the restaurant we got hit hard.  Add what seemed like an impromptu birthday party for 60 (I can’t even come up with a list of 60 people I know that I’d want to spend a regular night with, let alone my birthday) on top of an already busy night and you have a bad situation.  And finally, take into account that we were without our regular dishwasher because today (or is it already yesterday) was his birthday as well.

But, we survived.  I think we only had to 86 one item, though that meant doing a lot of shit on the fly (like making empanadas, cutting & baking crostinis – just really annoying shit).

I do have to say that the night went fast.  And everyone has that day at work when you look at your boss or a coworker and you say “I just need a drink”.  Fortunately in this job (maybe not fortunately if you’re an alcoholic) that’s always possible, and so we did shots of whisky somewhere around 11:30.

I’m at home now but there’s no way I can fall asleep for a little while.


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