5 Days of Ass Kicking Fun

The last five days of work have been something else.  Maybe because the weather has ever so slightly warmed up, maybe because the days are a little longer, but the restaurant has been busy.

Tonight we were peeling and de-veining shrimp to order, while still trying to prep shit out for the coming week, because we were practically out of everything already.

I was going to skip school tomorrow to sleep in but found out I have to attend because it’s our ‘practical’ for the front of the house work.  Unsurprisingly I picked the job of server out of a hat – my least favorite position.

At any rate, I’m happy at the moment because I’m listening to the new James song called Whiteboy – probably my favorite band of all time if I had a gun to my head or in a desert island situation.

Next week I start the kitchen work of the cafe at school.  On Wednesday of next week another guy and myself are doing a five course degustation.  We’ve decided our theme is banana/plantain.  So far we’ve come up with seared foie gras with deep fried plantain (or banana), a ceviche served with plantain chips (cut thin on a meat slicer – hopefully this works), tostones (sort of a fried mash of plantain – not sure what we’re serving this with), and for dessert a banana flan.  We still need to come up with a main protein course.

We have to decide everything by Friday so that the chef can place the order for our goods.

Good night.


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