Work and school, school and work

To begin, there’s not much to report.

The front of the house business at school has begun.  Yesterday the cafe was closed, so it was really just lecture/introduction.  Today we were open but I was assigned along with bitchy chick to selling breakfast sandwiches to the general student population for an hour, so I missed out on all the fun of the cafe.

The assigned tasks are supposed to last two days, but we have 40 high school kids coming in tomorrow so I think sandwiches may go on hiatus.  I think I’d rather be bored for an hour sitting behind a heat lamp than filling water and juice glasses for high school kids.  I guess if they give us too much shit one of us could “slip” and dump ice water all over them.

As for work it’s going well.  The two prep cooks started this week, so that should hopefully make life better.

I forgot to mention about Valentine’s Day last week, but in addition to the specials that we were running that night someone (owner or manager) signed a DJ for the evening called DJ Abducted.  To top that amazingly romantic name he played fucking gangsta rap.  I can only imagine people’s surprise when they realized that their romantic evening was singlehandedly annihilated by someone who calls himself DJ Abducted – why not take it all the way and go by DJ Date Rapist?


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