Cafe next week

Next week my cohort in school begins the final six weeks of school, which means six weeks spent in the school’s cafe which actually serves food to the public, though mostly it’s to the administration.

Since I’ve been working for about a month now at a restaurant, I’m really not all that worried about the pace.  Let’s face it, at school the cafe is open for an hour from 8-9 for breakfast and we’ll have something like 8 or 9 people to get the work done.  This is not hard stuff.  French toast takes a minute to cook, right?  An omelet – should take no more than 30 seconds.  However. . .

What I am worried about is how our class has been divided.  Starting next week half of us will work the front of the house as servers (myself included) for the first three weeks while the other half will work in the kitchen; after three weeks we swap.  After some discussion, it would seem that I’ve ended up in the half of the class that appears to have less cooking talent and maybe worse yet, no sense of urgency.

The guy that’s on disability may be the best example.  He used to work as a carpenter and somehow injured his foot “working on the railroad”, is collecting disability and for some unknown reason thought that a career standing on his feet all day in the food service industry would be the answer to his problems.  What the fuck? 

All he really knows how to do is run his mouth , tell stories of “when I used to work in the trades” (what the fuck are the trades by the way?), and not show up a whole lot, given that he has a “medical clearance” for his precious foot.  I’d love to see him deliver that bullshit line to the first chef he has to work for.  “Oh, my foot hurt, here’s a note from my doctor.”  This is the same guy that dumped two handfulls of wet potatoes into a deep fryer in Garde Manger I,  sliced open his hand on the final day of International and routinely has fires raging in saute pans.  How he’s still with us is beyond my ability to understand.  I just hope he gets through this without hurting anyone but himself, especially me.

As for the rest of the people, no one really has all that much experience, save one guy who actually has worked breakfast before. 

At any rate it should be interesting and will hopefully provide some fun stories.


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