One step closer

On Friday night I got one step closer to just being one of the guys in the kitchen when I was given a bandana to wear for service.  I’m not really a bandana kind of wearing guy but given the situation I obliged – plus it prevents the sweat from dripping onto my glasses, thus blurring my vision.

Tomorrow a new guy starts which will help me lose my status as well.  From my understanding he’s beginning his externship (he goes to the same school as me but I don’t know him) and will solely be doing prep work in the afternoon.  I think everyone’s excited to have a prep cook around so that some of the burden will be lifted from our shoulders.  For example – last night during service I had to make goat cheese croutons, beef kabobs & empanadas, all the while jumping onto the line when it got busy.

As a reward I was allowed to leave at 11 after the rush was over, which allowed me to go out for a couple of beers with Erin, though she’d had a few with Jon as it turned out.  So she drank water while I had a few Stella’s.

During the course of the week I’ve been allowed to do a few more things like making churros from scratch, which is essentially making pate a choux and piping it out.  Nothing too hard but something that could be fucked up I suppose.

School continues on – just seven weeks left.  The current class (Hospitality Supervision) is killing me, though I’m enjoying the fact that I’m home generally by 9:30 and can get a nap in before I have to be at work at 3.  We’ve covered topics ranging from cultural diversity, to management and HR theories.  Fun fun.  I’m not saying that managing people is easy, but taking some ridiculous class discussing bullshit theories isn’t going to help you out a whole bunch when two servers and a line cook call in sick for a Saturday night, your chef’s doing lines of coke in the alley just prior to service and the owner is on a beach somewhere without a cell phone.  Just for instance.

That is all.


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