First night

Last night was my first night which I think went as well it could have.

Mostly I performed prep tasks (cutting potatoes, chorizo, making empanadas and the like) though I did work the line from time to time.  The plan tonight is for me to work the line almost exclusively.  Hopefully it’s a slow night again as I don’t really know the dishes all that well; it’s just something that comes with time I’ve been told.

Mainly I’ll be in charge of the cold line as well as the grill, though fortunately there aren’t that many grilled items (really just a few skewered things is all) and desserts.  Sounds like a lot but it’s maybe about half the menu or so and this being a tapas restaurant the dishes are pretty well designed so that the kitchen can knock them out pretty fast.  The additional benefit of working in a tapas/small plate restaurant is that there’s generally not huge timing issues – just get the dishes out as fast as you can.

Looks like my first day off will be Tuesday and I was told that I’ll have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off every week.  Hopefully this holds true because it will be nice to have two consecutive days off, sort of my own version of a weekend, just while everyone else is at work.

Just nine and a half weeks of school left, which at this point almost can’t come soon enought.  Just a week ago I was looking to delay the end of school but now that I’m working (and will be living on considerably less sleep) it will be nice to have my mornings back.


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