Christmas comes once a week?

We recently subscribed to a weekly organic food delivery service called Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks and this last week was our first delivery.  This is really a bad time of the year to expect a lot of interesting foods, but low and behold there were a few cool items like kale (from PA), some red beets, Yukon gold potatoes, dried cranberries along with some preserves.

Hopefully in just a few short months some really interesting items will be delivered, though it does look like some baby vegetables might be in store for the coming week.

Yesterday represented the coldest day in a while (our thermometer is currently reading 1.8 which is up considerably from the -0.6 it was when I woke up); to think that friends of ours are in Napa Valley today to eat at the French Laundry.  Oh well.

So last night we predictably had a warming meal which consisted of short ribs braised in homemade veal stock and cabernet sauvignon, kale from the delivery service which I braised in brown chicken stock with some garlic and red pepper flakes, and mashed potatoes made from the Yukon Gold we received and seasoned with black truffle salt.

I braised the short ribs over five or six hours with the oven set at 250, which resulted in the tenderest meat ever.  Not only was the food delicious but having the oven on for that period of time helped keep the back half of our apartment cozy.  The photographs of Riley are from last night as we hung out in the kitchen to stay warm with food and alcohol.

Tonight we’re celebrating a few things at Sweets and Savories, which we haven’t been to since Bastille Day last July.  Not quite the French Laundry but I’ll take it.


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