Ernold Same

Since my current classes start two hours later than they traditionally have done (just 3 more days of this), I’ve been taking the el roughly about the same time I used to when I worked downtown.

Most mornings this has simply meant boarding crowded trains.  Aside from boarding a crowded train this morning though, I saw a guy I used to see every morning during those last few treacherous years that were my corporate employment experience.

I’m not sure if he saw me.  Even if he did we never spoke anyway, let alone show any acknowledgement of each other’s existence.

Instantly I thought of the lyrics from the song Ernold Same by Blur on their album The Great Escape (a great album that I strongly urge anyone to own who does not already do so).

Here are the lyrics for those who were previously unaware of Ernold Same (printed with no permission whatsoever):

Ernold Same awoke from the same dream
In the same bed
At the same time
Looked in the same mirror
Made the same frown
And felt the same way as he did every day
Then Ernold Same caught the same train
At the same station
Sat in the same seat
With the same nasty stain
Next to same old what’s-his-name
On his way to the same place
With the same name
To do the same thing
Again and again and again
Poor old Ernold Same
Oh, Ernold Same
His world stays the same
Today will always be tomorrow
Poor old Ernold Same
He’s getting that feeling once again
Nothing will change tomorrow


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