Pate (not) en croute

Class this morning saw us completing the platters that we’ve been working on since Tuesday.  Really nothing was all that challenging, just a lot of small things like making the chaud-froid sauce, the chemise and the aspic gelee.  Plus there were garnishes to think of.

Here’s a description of what you actually see on the platter – down the middle is pheasant pate (which is supposed to be en croute) with black truffles, pheasant liver and the tenderloin from the breast; on either side of this is a stuffed saddle of rabbit with an apricot and  basil farce and proscuitto barding; in the bottom middle is an apple and dried fruit salad; on either side of this is a roasted corn and black bean salad; on the far sides is pickled daikon radish; at the top of the platter are some crackers.

Underneath is a garnish of yellow colored chaud-froid and some sprigs of dill.

The reason for no en croute remains a mystery to all concerned, but it had appeared that something fell on it in the walk-in, rendering it completely useless.  Fortunately the pate contained within was for the most part unscathed, so I peeled off the crust (which tasted pretty good) and neatened up the pate.  The rabbit saddle was made by Tim and Eddie and the salads were just part of what we made together yesterday.

I have to say I’m pretty into making these platters.  Tim was discussing with Chef B about possibly starting a club at school concerning these types of presentations, something I’d be interested in participating in barring any timing conflicts regarding Manchester United matches on Saturday & Sunday mornings.


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