3 nights, 3 dinners


Above are the pizzas that Erin wrote about earlier.

I think she captured the evening with much more enthusiasm and excitement than I probably would have done, so enough of the first evening.


On Saturday we dined at Scylla for the first and apparently the last time (sadly so, I might add).  This is a restaurant we’ve both been eager to try but for whatever reason didn’t until we heard news that Stephanie Izzard is closing shop as of August 25th (there are a few reports of this though I’ve found nothing official). 

We’d initially had reservations at Charlie Trotters but decided to forego spending $500 in favor of a more relaxing and much less expensive evening.  This also worked out because we spent the day painting our bedroom (yet another thing that we finally got around to after years of putting it off).

Here’s what Erin ended up gnoshing on:

  1. grilled prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with egg yolk polenta cake and verjus grapes
  2. crisp skate wing and grilled calamari with chick peas, treviso and cherry tomatoes, chive yogurt
  3. chocolate-mint pot de crème with peanut butter truffle and mint granita

and my choices:

  1. israeli couscous with new zealand green lip mussels, leeks, tomato and fennel,
    roasted garlic-poblano pepper vinaigrette
  2. grilled pork tenderloin with french gnocchi, bacon braised swiss chard and ham hock jus, fig-apricot tapenade
  3. lime-crème fraîche semifreddo with white chocolate-coconut crust
    and lavender meringue

Naturally I can’t speak for Erin’s meal, but the highlight of mine was the mussels with Israeli cous-cous which was such a refreshing dish, with the addition of citrus in the vinaigrette which made flavors so light, delicate and clean.  The pork was good but difficult to stand up to the expectations that the mussels had suddenly created.  Dessert was nice as well, not too tart and was an appropriate portion size.

We also threw convention out the window and decided to have beer with our meals.  The beer that I had was the Unibroue Maudite Belgian Red Ale made in Quebec, which aside from having one of the best labels I’ve ever seen is also one of the best beers I’ve tasted, similar to Leffe Brune but not quite as sweet.

The closing of Scylla is discouraging, especially considering that the meal excluding tip was just shy of $100.  There aren’t too many places you can go and have drinks and the quality of dinner for that price.  If in fact true the closing of Scylla is a pretty big loss.


Last night I made us a simple meal of red wine braised short ribs, puree de pommes de terre (they were too good to simply say mashed potatoes) seasoned with truffle salt and green beans. 

Erin proclaimed that the potatoes were worth $40,000 on their own. 

Pretty bold (and encouraging) words from such a potato aficianado.


One thought on “3 nights, 3 dinners

  1. Oh my! Those mashed potatoes were the best I think I’ve ever had. At least the best I’ve had in a very long time. They were light, creamy, no lumps, and the truffle salt was a perfect addition. Imagine my angst when I found out this morning that he threw away the leftovers! I guess all I can do is be very nice and hope he’ll make them again soon.

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