An end to baking. . .for now

I forgot my camera this morning which means I didn’t take any photographs of anything I baked for the past 3 weeks.  Oh well.

Today we had to bake scones and a fresh fruit tart for our final practical.  I tasted the scone which would have been awesome except we only had chocolate chips to put in instead of the usual dried fruit.  Not being a huge chocolate fan this brought them down a level or two, plus the chocolate we had wasn’t all that good.

The tart turned out really well, the only real problem was in my glazing at the end.  For some reason it wasn’t hot enough and kind of hardened on the fruit – just a minor point but still.  I gave this tart away as I did the one from yesterday.  I later spoke to some other students who ate my tart from yesterday and they told me that it was “awesome”.  I’m glad somebody was able to enjoy it.

At the end of it all I think I enjoyed baking class.  I certainly enjoyed the enthusiasm with which it was taught, perhaps the subject matter is just a little lacking for me.  I openly admit that I don’t really care for most desserts, especially at restaurants.  Sure, ice cream, custards and the like are fine, but I find that at most places the dessert is way too rich to really enjoy.  Generally I never even remember what the dessert was a few days later, while things like foie gras risotto will stick in my mind forever.

For this class we each had to do a review of a bake shop.  The one I chose was Vanille Patisserie roughly at the intersection of Clybourn and Webster.  Here are some photos from what I purchased earlier in the week:

The macaroon was really good – much better than anything we made in class.  In fact, I didn’t find either of these items to be too sweet, which is definitely a good thing to me.

So baking is done, at least for now.  Baking II is in September, so we have 2 more actual cooking classes before we return.

I’m off to cure some duck legs for confit this weekend.


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