What to do, what to do?

 So I just picked up my birthday present from my generous in-laws – a lobe of Grade A Hudson Valley Foie Gras and a magret of Moulard duck.  I admit to being a little nervous about the deveining of the foie gras.

Idea number one is Tournedos Rossini as I also received a black summer truffle from my loving wife.  All I need is the tenderloin.  Could this have been a plan devised by Erin and her parents all along – who (coincidentally) are visiting this coming weekend?  If a beef tenderloin from Niman Ranch magically appears on my doorstep then I’ll know the answer.  Not that I am complaining, quite the opposite.

Also above are some other photos:

The first tomato from our experiment was ripe enough to pick yesterday.  I may simply slice it and have it with some olive oil, sea salt, mozzarella and fresh basil.

The next photo is of smoked duck canapes I made for the birthday dinner. 

Last is a blueberry risotto made when my sister and her family were in town two weekends ago.  It ended up being very dark purple in color and very tasty.

I’m off to examine Thomas Keller’s cookbooks as well as a few others.  Any ideas for what to do with the foie gras would be greatly appreciated.


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