Soup & sandwich

For the most part this week has started off ok. 

Yesterday the main focus was to be consomme, of which nearly everybody – including myself – totally destroyed.  No chef demo on this probably wasn’t a good idea.  For something so easy to ‘f up I don’t know what he was thinking.  Tomorrow we are to try again after reducing veal stock today.

The other things we worked on yesterday were 3 cold soups: vichyssoise, cantaloupe soup with lime granite and gazpacho.  Given the weather this was a pretty nice assignment.  We were to work in groups of 4 for this – I wish it was two.  The best of the bunch was the cantaloupe soup.  I had no hand in the gazpacho which was as disappointing as it was.  The vichyssoise was nice but overall lacked any depth – nothing some curry and tobiko caviar couldn’t fix.  Lo and behold these items were not to materialize.  Maybe next time.

As you may have guessed, today was sandwiches: a turkey club, Reuben and croque monsieur (you’ll be happy to know mine came out perfectly Mark, so any time you want me to make you one I’m your man).  Chef R’s response to my croque monsieur was “I love it, I love all of it”. 

As I love a good reuben (hell, even shitty ones I’ll eat), I dined exclusively on this and donated my other two sandwiches to the baking class taking their knife practical in Culinary Skills I with our old chef.  They seemed to enjoy the gifts quite a bit.

I nearly was burned (literally) by the biggest asshole in the class today.  We were watching the chef demo the Reuben (it was that slow of a day) when it happened.  I was leaning against a pillar between two stovetops dreaming of the heavenly goodness that is a Reuben sandwich when (we’ll call him Dick) Dick decided to drop a handful of very wet shoestring potatoes into boiling hot oil.  Needless to say oil and water never really want to mix, less so when the oil is at 300 degrees or so.  I could feel the heat from the ensuing explosion/fire on my back, through a jacket and undershirt.  Needless to say I was pretty pissed off.  I vow to myself that tomorrow, and the day after, and every day after that I shall stand across the room from Dick.


8 thoughts on “Soup & sandwich

  1. Why are people throwing things in oil? And I love Reuben’s!!!! Didn’t we use to eat them together at that place on Southport (forgot the name) when we were both looking for work?? Ahhh…the good old days. Cantaloupe soup? That sounds awesome.

  2. He was deep frying his shoestring fries that were dripping with water.

    Were the Reuben’s at Southport Sandwich Company (now the disappointing and ‘hip’ Messners)?

  3. No I feel like it was on the other side of Hye Bar…and Messner’s sucks. All those bars do. Although we enjoyed them on our pub crawl…

  4. I believe you’re making all of this up.

    Incidentally, Messner’s is listed in the “Pick-up Joint” section of Time Out Chicago.

  5. huh. I lived across the street from Messner’s and never got picked up.

    We did go to Cullen’s right?? I am getting crazy in my old age.

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