Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

What do you do when the power goes out on a Saturday night?  Call and get a table at your favorite restaurant, which is what we did.

Upon entering they realized that they made an error and no table was available, however the seats at the bar were open.  Sit at the bar we did for 4 hours chatting with the bartender and waiters.  It was fascinating to see how things are run, to see the rhythm come into focus and to see how the front of house staff all pulled together to make sure each table was taken care of.

For drinks I had a raspberry basil/mint infused mojito; Erin had essentially the same sans rum which was replaced with vodka.  These would eventually get topped off with champagne throughout the night and would lead to a ginger pear martini and finally to a beer when the sous chef joined us at the end of the night.

Courses were something like this (if I remember correctly):

  1. Curry carrot/ginger soup
  2. Sauteed sea scallop over potato puree and sauced with a pea puree & garnished with caviar
  3. Butter poached halibut with a corn nage, white beans and peas
  4. Beef tenderloin with goat cheese grits and a fig compote
  5. Blueberry risotto with a fig must
  6. Baby arugula salad with lemon juice & a relative of parmesan cheese
  7. Strawberry & balsamic sorbet
  8. Meyer lemon curd tart
  9. Chocolate fondant cake with chocolate sorbet

One of the more memorable parts of the evening was the person who called at quarter of 10 to get reservations for brunch on Father’s Day.

We were invited to join them this coming Thursday for a summer black truffle tasting menu which was an invitation impossible to refuse.


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