Some recent dinners

Here are some photos from recent dinners we’ve had at home.

The first photograph is of a sockeye salmon fillet which I ended up rubbing with olive oil (or should I say EVOO? – just kidding), salt and pepper and baking for 6-8 minutes at 450.  Sockeye is my favorite and this year seems to be at a reasonable price.  Early in the season it was at $37/lb but has come down to $18 – cheaper than the halibut I cooked yesterday at $24.  Plus it’s lean – so for all you folks who don’t necessarily like salmon, this is the one to try.

The next photo is of a parmesan crisp that garnished the chilled pea soup (flavored with white truffle oil).  This one is from the French Laundry Cookbook – my very first attempt at anything by Thomas Keller.  The trick is to get fresh peas (these were acquired from the Green City Market this weekend), blanch them in very salty water (think ocean water) with some sugar and then shock them in an icebath.  Not only does this cook them but it makes the color a bright green.  This tasted delicious as well.  Something I want to make again.

The last photo is of me through one of the parmesan crisps – thought it was cool.

Incidentally the salmon (as all my seafood is) was procured from Dirk’s Fish Market. The Green City Market site is here as well.


2 thoughts on “Some recent dinners

  1. He’s failed to mention the excellent lamb chops we had Sunday night as well. So good!

    Having had fresh, shelled peas, I don’t know if I can go back to frozen peas. If you have the opportunity, you have to try fresh peas. You will be happy you did.

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