End of meat fab, recovering hand

First off, I apologize for any misspellings or bad grammar.  My right hand still isn’t 100% and the past few days of knife work haven’t helped any, though it doesn’t seem to have hurt too much.

 After burning my hand on Tuesday – which was really stupid and resulted from picking up a half sheet pan without a towel – we had to fillet sea bass on Wednesday along with having to fillet half a salmon.  None of this was too bad but using the pliars to debone hurt kind of bad.  I may have received bonus points just from turning up and having a go as well.

Yesterday was shellfish which included shucking oysters of which I did the minimum even though we had hundreds of them.  I’ll give it a go in a few weeks at home.  I did however consume my first raw oyster – hard to believe I hadn’t already.  It was really good with the sauce the chef had made of red wine vinegar, shallots and I’m sure other things.

Today was the final exam and the practical.  The written final was a piece of cake.  The practical included:

1 flounder – yield of 4 fillets

1 sea bass – 2 fillets

1 beef tenderloin – cleaned – yield of 1 4 oz steak & 1 6 oz steak, remainder kept whole

1 chicken – 2 airline breasts, 2 legs/thighs

1 chicken – gallantine

I butchered the flounder kind of bad, though everyone felt they were all pretty small which made them harder to work with.  The sea bass I found to be easier which was reflected in the scores I received.

Tenderloin was next and I made a huge comeback.  Both steaks were exact weights though he only weighed the six ounce portion.

The airline breasts & whole legs was childs play as well.  The galantine represented the biggest obstacle considering my hand and the fact that this requires scraping as opposed to cutting.  Nonetheless I accomplished this with some mild discomfort – sadly was the 2nd person to finish it – and am confident I scored higher than most people.

Next week we’re on to Garde Manger which will be an interesting change.  Click on the link if you want to know more about this topic.

If I could type more I would provide more detail.  Hopefully in a few days.


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