Duck projects

This past weekend I bought a duck (actually two, the first was bad when I opened the package) and prepared confit from the thighs/legs.  I have the breasts currently hanging in the refrigerator, making duck breast prosciutto.

I have yet to taste the confit as I think we’ll wait for some friends to join us.  With the excess fat I plan on making duck fat frites, and then I’ll reserve it for another use.

For the prosciutto I’ve used two different recipes.  One is from Charcuterie, a book I highly recommend. This one was placed in kosher salt overnight before I lightly sprinkled white pepper on it the next day prior to wrapping in cheesecloth.

The other is from this website and has bay leaf, garlic and juniper berry in the cure.

Both of the breasts will be done in about 3 weeks – they take longer in the fridge than if I hung them up in the house. However the temperature inside is just too warm. Last fall I did this and opened up our guest room windows for a week or so.

I’m eager to dig into the confit but will show some patience.


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