Photos just for Sissel, Grant Achatz discussing the creation of “emotional experiences” and a Chef’s Story

 Just a few things for today:

To satisfy Sissel’s request for photographs, here they are – my shoes and the best graphic in our textbook:  

Also, make sure to check out this podcast (really just a recorded broadcast, isn’t it ) with Grant Achatz of Alinea(he joins the program at around 9 minutes in).  I’d preview it a bit, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.  For those not acquainted with what Chef Achatz does, please check out the link to his restaurant.

Also, here’s a link for a new show on PBS called a Chef’s Story.  In Chicago it airs this Saturday on Channel 20 (why the Food Network doesn’t have programs like this is well beyond me).  Curiously the show doesn’t appear to be airing in DC any time soon.

Just one lecture left in class and then an exam on Wednesday & the state exam on Thursday.  Next Monday I get the chance to cut some fingers off.


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