End of Week 2

Well, this week was a little more draining than last week.  Much more memorization was required – we covered 6 or 7 chapters in 4 days with an exam earlier this morning.  I think I got the highest grade in the class, which is pretty sad.  Much thanks to Erin though for helping me study last night. 

Next week is a short one, 2 days of lecture and 2 exams, the last of which is the state of IL certification.  While not a requirement for passing the class it is something worth having.  No classes are held next Friday.

 Aside from the flow of food through operations, we covered all the cooking temperatures, most/some of which are just not followed in the real world – ever.  For instance, the requirement for steak is that it needs to be cooked to a minimum temperature of 145 Fahrenheit for 15 seconds (a rare steak is around 120, 145 would be something around medium-well).  Also running through my brain are temperatures for receiving, refrigeration, freezing, holding, reheating, etc.  We also covered flooring options this week, in addition to types of dish washers – really exciting shit I know.  If you want to know about porosity send me an e-mail and I’ll fill you in.

 One interesting item probably worth knowing – though one which Erin is totally uncomfortable with – is that food properly prepared and held (at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit) can be held for a maximum of 7 days.  This means that the curried chicken salad we prepared this past Sunday is still good and I plan on having it for lunch tomorrow.  Not that this would ever really be done in a restaurant – at least I hope not one I’m working in.  It’s definitely something to be used at home though.

I also got my shoes today – finally.  Pretty exciting I know.

More on sanitation to come next week, though not too much more.  There might be some interesting stories about pest control however.

Also for those interested in knowing where I’m going to school, here’s a link to it.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Go Red Devils!!


5 thoughts on “End of Week 2

  1. Why not start your blogs with a picture? This one would of-course be of your new shoes. I’m glad to know I can keep my food for 7 days. This might spare the budget a bit and the trash man will have less to pick up.

  2. Space here is limited, hence no photographs at the moment. Additionally, I just haven’t taken the time to learn some of the features that will allow photographs but not take up considerable space. Maybe in the coming days.

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