Day 1 – Sanitation

Today was/is the first day of my 15 month adventure.  Class featured a lecture on sanitation with the first exam scheduled for this Friday.  This is probably a class everyone should take, and would probably be more useful than, say sociology, in a high school curriculum.  For instance, how many of you know that in the past six years, at least one person has died each year in the state of Illinois from eating cantaloupe?  I had no idea, nor did any of the other 24 people in class with me.    I’ve already learned something that could potentially save my life, not to mention those of others.

Less interesting but no less important was arriving at school still not knowing how to tie my neckerchief (I was never in the Boy Scouts).  Of course I was far from alone in this category, but many who know me know that I’m not one to get caught up in the details (upon further examination the directions are within the first 20 pages of my orientation packet which I received a week and a half ago).  A very nice woman ended up tying mine for me for those concerned.  I thank her, though I have no idea who she was and may never see her again.

Also within those first 20 pages is the small detail of the length of facial hair – no more than 1/4 of an inch.  Naturally I haven’t shaved in a week.  I am now off to go learn what other rules and codes of conduct I may have broken in my first two hours as a student.


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